Ms Excel is essential for both the workplace and life. From budgeting, data analysis, charting, to editing text, being an Excel ace makes your day more efficient. We provide hands on excel learning experience.

Comprehensive and Effective Excel VBA Training

Office Training

We can provide onsite training for office that have the training facility. You will visit your office and discuss with you all your training requirements and schedules. We make sure that the training is as per your office requirements. We charge a flat rate for on-site training, so this makes it ideal for companies who need to train several people

Group Training

We run scheduled training courses at central London training locations. This is useful for both individuals and office staffs who want to develop thier skills. We organize the group depending on their requriements. There is a maximum limit per group so that it does not affect learning experience..

One to One Training

We provide a one to one training for individuals who prefers the allowance of priavate training and have special requirements. The training is totally focussed on one requriements and each questions is answered according and our trainer makes sure that one has followed the lesson completely.


We offer the very best training experience by providing a professional and proper care for our learners.


Tailored to your requirments


We provide excel and vba training that is intensive and effective for the learner that fits ones schedule and suitse their requriements. We can provide training in weekend, evening after work and as per onesrequirments. We undertake the knowlede level of the students to propose the proper training level



Individual Attention


Our aim is that every learners take full understanding of the training. We answers all the questions from our learners and encourage them to ask if they didn't understand


Hands-on Learning


Our training materials are easy to understand and make you understand key concept of the lesson clearly


Proper care and Support

We provide proper care and support for our students. Our training is excesie based so we give project to our students to evaluate the knowlege gain through training. We also provide training material. Students can contact us some queries through email after training too..




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